Modern research standards

Along with external advisors in 2008-2009, the Danish Building and Property Agency conducted an investigation of the condition of all university laboratory facilities subject to the state rental scheme, the so-called SEA scheme, including the fusioned government research institutes.

The report "Condition assessment of laboratories at universities subject to the rental scheme, including fusioned government research institutions" from July 2009 showed a need for investments in a technological boost as well as in a general modernisation, so that the university laboratories can live up to modern research standards. The total modernisation need for the laboratory facilities of the universities was calculated at around DKK 6 billion.

This resulted in 2009 in a broad political agreement on allocation of funds for university laboratory facilities. Hereafter, the Danish Building and Property Agency initiated a technological boost of the laboratories meeting modern research standards, which includes upgrading of ventilation, climate and building management systems and associated control systems. Meanwhile, the Danish Building and Property Agency launched a fundamental modernisation of the laboratory facilities of the universities.

The Danish Building and Property Agency has put together a number of basic requirements for laboratory replacement facilities and restoration of existing laboratory facilities respectively to support the common quality, which must be consistent in the Danish Building and Property Agency's building work with laboratories at a national level. The key words here are functionality, flexibility and variability, including energy, environment, sustainability and accessibility.