The Danish Building and Property Agency is the state's largest property enterprise and we solve our customers' office space needs by providing work spaces in either state-owned properties or in privately owned properties.

When a customer's need changes because of e.g. organisational adjustments or extended enrollment at the universities, they contact the Danish Building and Property Agency. The customer and the agency uncover the needs of the customer to find the solution that best accommodate these needs and the state's overall interests in the short and long term.

We have different possibilities to accommodate the customer's needs:

  • Enlarge, reduce, remodel or modernize the current office space.
  • Find a new office space solution in state-owned properties.
  • Find a new office space solution in privately owned properties.
  • Build.
  • Buy a property.

The Danish Building and Property Agency will most often reach several options, which the agency analyses and prepare business cases for. Based on the business cases and The Danish Building and Property Agency's recommendations the customer makes the final decision on their choice of solution.

The universities can, in contrast to the government departments, the police and the courts, enter into lease agreements on their own in privately owned properties.