Energy management in property management

Example of operation optimisation in the project design process

With the construction of the new laboratory at Roskilde University, the agency is conducting an experiment in the project, which should increase the advisor's focus on achieving the most optimised operation.

The investigation shows that the greatest effect can be achieved by:

  • Minimising the number of fume cupboards and reducing the number of m2 hatchways in relation to the original plans from the programme phase
  • Planning and designing HVAC solutions (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning) for the absolute lowest energy consumption, for example by focusing on air change
  • Optimising output requirements for laboratory equipment.

Implementation of the above requires that during the initial adjustment phase and in addition to the normal adjustment, an energy optimisation of operational parameters (pressure and temperature) is conducted, a good routine is established in the laboratory in relation to challenging supplier requirements for coolant water and compressed air supply when new equipment is purchased or new clinical trials are planned and finally that user behaviour and energy consumption in the laboratory are continuously (monthly) followed up on through establishing energy key figures and energy management routines.

The Traffic Light - Know your heat consumption

The state is working systematically to reduce the continuous heat consumption in buildings. The project has been started up in Copenhagen together with HOFOR (former Copenhagen Energy). We call it the Traffic Light and the focus is to reduce heat consumption by instructing the operators in energy management and setting up budgets for heat consumption and following up on deviations from the budget. In addition, very simple tools for conserving energy are put into use, such as examining if the consumption of hot utility water is high, if the installation is turned off during the summer, if the outflow temperature is too high or whether weekend sinking is used.

It was surprising to see that the dissemination of data had such an important influence on stable operation of the heating system and that this resulted in significant savings in heat consumption.

The Traffic Light currently includes buildings in the centre of Copenhagen and should be extended to include more buildings.