Customer consultancy

The Danish Building and Property Agency will ensure the customers the best opportunities for energy-efficient leases. The Danish Building and Property Agency has the responsibility for energy optimisation of the building's physical conditions, meaning climate envelope and technical basic installations. Energy optimisation of special installations, electricity-consuming devices such as PCs, servers, lamps, etc., and behavioural changes are the responsibility of the customers as users. The dialogue with the agency's customers is the forum, where the Danish Building and Property Agency and customers discuss how the best results can be achieved for the individual customer and for the state overall.  The Danish Building and Property Agency uses a number of forms of communication:

  • Data - on-going collection of energy consumption
  • Analyses across the customer portfolio and benchmark

In 2012, the Danish Building and Property Agency conducted an analysis calculating the cost of office and work space and energy consumption per employee in the state for leased office space in the capital region. The analysis shows a great savings potential for a number of office customers, including saving energy, and the analysis will be able to provide the basis for a dialogue with the customer regarding future location.

On-going collection and dissemination of energy consumption data is also an important part of advising and guiding our customers individually about their energy consumption, and along with customer reports it will be an important basis for dialogue. The reports will provide both the Danish Building and Property Agency and the customers with the opportunity for qualified considerations on space and energy optimisation as well as the opportunity to benchmark with other institutions.