New national police college in Vejle

Visualisation of the new national police college in Vejle

The new police college in Vejle will become the framework for the education of police students in Western Denmark. The building of an educational center in Western Denmark is part of an agreement by the name "A stronger police. A safer Denmark". Thus future educational activities of the police will take place at two different educational centers, whereof one is located in Brøndby (UCØ) and one in Vejle (UCV).

The building project emerges from the already existing buildings, and an additional 9,500 m2 of new constructions will be built. Thereby the total area of the school will add up to approximately 20,000 m2, which shall meet all functional requirements for a modern police college by containing a clear and simple structure.

The new teaching facilities include a number of classrooms, fitness facilities, an auditorium and a gym hall. An atrium containing the school's cafeteria and living areas for the students will be placed centrally and will connect all of the teaching facilities. Moreover, bedrooms will be built in order for continuing education students to be able to stay over, and also a section for staff and administration will be constructed.

The school's outdoor facilities will be placed in green surroundings accommodating running tracks, other facilities for physical training and a defined area for police vehicles. Also, facilities for simulated training programs will be built both inside and outside of the school.