About us

The Danish Building and Property Agency is part of the Ministry of Transport and is property enterprise and developer on behalf of the state and the universities. We have the responsibility of creating attractive and well-run workplaces so our customers - the universities, the police, the courts and the government departments - can focus on their core tasks.

We do that through a strengthened building function, integrated facility management, and an optimised property portfolio. At the same time we are working on reducing the state's climate impact and the costs of the state's office spaces.

We solve our customers' office space needs by providing workplaces in either state-owned properties or privately owned properties. When a customers need changes because of e.g. organisational adjustments, the Danish Building and Property Agency analyses different solutions based on the specific needs of the customer. A solution might be to remodel the current office space or to buy a new property.

Since 2019 the Danish Building and Property Agency can provide both work spaces and work space related services such as cleaning, canteen etc. to the government departments.

The Danish Building and Property Agency is divided into three core business areas that solve different parts of our efforts to find the most optimal solutions for our customers.