Activity-based workspace

An activity-based workspace contains zones and facilities that support different work needs.

There are many needs that must be supported in a modern workplace, e.g. the opportunity to concentrate when reading reports or preparing notes, and the need for project workstations in interdisciplinary collaborations. In the activity-based office, different zones have been established, which with their design and rules of conduct support different needs, so the employees can sit in the zone that best suits their day's tasks.

In the activity-based workspace, not every employee has a regular desk. All facilities are shared and you choose your seat according to the tasks to be performed at a given time. In that sense, the office is more spacious than a traditional open-scale office, as it meets a wide range of work needs such as feedback, knowledge sharing and individual work that the modern working day offers.

Activity-based workspace is not a new concept, but it is a concept that the public sector, both nationally and internationally, has taken on board in recent years as the technological development has increasingly enabled the paperless office. The Danish Building and Property Agency has found inspiration in large companies in the private sector and in e.g. our sister organizations in Finland, the Netherlands and Norway, where activity-based workspace are becoming more and more common in the public sector.